Human Parts
A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.


The Eye of God Nebula. Photo: Stocktrek Images / Getty Images

A young man I work with lost his sister suddenly several years ago; she died of a congenital medical condition, which had never been diagnosed. It is a rare and tragic death — a seemingly healthy young woman simply dropping dead. In their family of several siblings, the two were…


Photo: RunPhoto/Getty Images

I sat hunched over my phone at a small table in the windowless basement of the clothing store where I worked, and watched the New York state Assembly pass a law allowing adoptees access to their original birth certificates (OBC). I sobbed. 2019. 51 years old. Finally. …


This is my boss, Fish. Photo courtesy of the author.

Don’t freak out about the headline. Fish doesn’t know he’s the wrong dog; I’m the only one agonizing about our relationship. As far as Fish is concerned, my house is a pretty nice hotel, although the staff could be better trained.

Fish (not his real name) came into my life…


Space Invaders was released the year I was born — 1978. By the time I was four it had cemented its place in history, grossing $3.8 billion to become the best selling video game of the time. That’s nothing however compared to its impact on pop culture — not just…

Big shoutout to all my friends’ kids who have ended up on my dating profiles.

Every five years or so, when I am home in Houston for the holidays, I declare the need for a nostalgia deep-dive — excavating several large, plastic time capsules that reside in the back of my dad’s sprawling art studio; tangible reminders, poignant remainders of early life.

This year, I…

An illustration with a girl in the center surrounded by a heart, flowers, a mushroom, a cloud, a rainbow, and an admissions ticket
Illustration by author via Canva

There’s this Sylvia Plath poem called Mad Girl’s Love Song. It might just be the epitome of teen romance, but alas, discrediting one’s own desire to be loved is yet another byproduct of (say it with me) misogyny. I think that’s really what it is to be a teenage girl…


Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash

It was indeed a white Christmas. The Reno-Lake Tahoe area was totally snowed in, and the surrounding major highways and freeways were closed. I was desperate to get out of the city, but my flight got canceled, and there was no getting around the aforementioned road closures. I was stuck…

This Is Us

Photo by author

“Why can’t I just take a pill?” my mother has pleaded over and over since she turned 100. “I don’t want to be here anymore.”

It’s a perfectly reasonable question, with no good answer. And that’s just not fair. …

Photo: Thomas Winz/Getty Images

I’ll be moving my parents cross-state this weekend — barring any COVID lockdowns at their new nursing facility. My weekly to-do list is a mess of back-to-the-office chores and prep for the move.

There’s a doodled formula: the rate at which my father uses his oxygen times the longest conceivable…

Human Parts

A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.

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