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Note from the editor

Human Parts is Medium’s home for personal stories and perspectives. From the mundane to the extraordinary to the downright weird, we’re here to explore what it means to be human.

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Human Parts
Recommended reading from the editors of Human Parts, a Medium publication about humanity.
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Jay Ludlow Martin
Editor of Human Parts. Writer based in Manhattan. Gay Trans Pizza. Author: Death by Nostalgia (2018) and my own misfortune.
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Zaron Burnett III
writer at MEL magazine, essay & short stories at Medium, and always in the mood for donuts
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Human Parts
Recommended reading from the editors of Human Parts, a Medium publication about humanity.
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John DeVore
I created Humungus, a blog about pop culture, politics, and feelings. Support the madness: https://johndevore.medium.com/subscribe
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Amanda Oliver
Author of OVERDUE: Reckoning with the Public Library • writer, editor, teacher • amandaoliver.com
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Jennifer Tracy
Lover, Writer, Artist, Mother, Teller of Story
Go to the profile of Sarah Kasbeer
Sarah Kasbeer
Fiction writer and essayist. I wrote a book: A WOMAN, A PLAN, AN OUTLINE OF A MAN. More: www.sarahkasbeer.com
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Go to the profile of Sridhar Pappu
Sridhar Pappu
Journalist, Author of The Year of the Pitcher: Bob Gibson, Denny McLain and the end of Baseball’s Golden Age — October, 2017. sridharpappu.com
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KV Luce
it really just depends
Go to the profile of Your Fat Friend
Your Fat Friend
Your Fat Friend writes about the social realities of living as a very fat person. www.yourfatfriend.com
Go to the profile of Maggie Haukka
Maggie Haukka
Coder, Decoder, Code-switcher, Truth-teller.
Go to the profile of Ms Danielle
Ms Danielle
Ms Danielle is the author of Empathy and Eyebrows: A Survivalist’s Stories on Reviving Your Spirit After Soul-Crushing Sh*tstorms. Instagram @empathyandeyebrows
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Seph Hallow
British-born, Victoria-based storyteller. they/them www.sephhallow.com
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Brent L. Smith
Culture. Interviews. High Strangeness. Poetics.
Go to the profile of June Beaux
June Beaux
I write about death, relationships, family, and grief.
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Kyle Turner
Snarkoleptic. Queer monster. Amateur critic. Professional snob. Writer person. I am relieved to know that I am not a golem. Words in Slate, GQ, the NYTimes, etc
Go to the profile of Linda Horton
Linda Horton
Born a photographer, but prone to writing haiku on public transportation, or baking things. Death Doula in training. info@lindahortonphotography.com
Go to the profile of Amanda Eagleson
Amanda Eagleson
Poet, Writer at Optimistic Learner and Digital Economy Forum. Board member at Vancouver Poetry House. www.optimisticlearner.com
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Emma Austin
💜 Wholesome perv with a touch of whimsy 🖤 My podcast, spicy content, and more: https://www.loveemmaaustin.com/all-my-projects
Go to the profile of Lisa Marie Rankin
Lisa Marie Rankin
Heal your body and enliven your spirit through Divine Feminine practices and principles to thrive in all realms of life. lisamarierankin.com/waitlist-enlivened
Go to the profile of Benjamin Sledge
Benjamin Sledge
Multi-award winning author | Combat wounded veteran | Mental health specialist | Former geopolitical intel | Graphic designer | https://benjaminsledge.com
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Go to the profile of Annie Mueller
Annie Mueller
Life is an experiment | All this and more: https://tinyurl.com/y54maxgv |☠️ Sweary☠️
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Go to the profile of Lux Alptraum
Lux Alptraum
OneZero columnist, Peabody-nominated producer, and the author of Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex — And the Truths They Reveal. http://luxalptraum.com
Go to the profile of Dan Moore
Dan Moore
Writer | The Ringer, SF Chronicle, Human Parts, Forge, Oaklandside | Editor-in-Chief: PS I Love You. Twitter @dmowriter. Web https://www.danmoorewriter.com/
Go to the profile of Amanda Chicago Lewis
Amanda Chicago Lewis
prefers pot w/o pesticides. cares about how, exactly, we plan to legalize weed, who is still getting arrested, and who is getting rich how
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Kristen T
Trying to figure it all out. Freelance marketing strategist and copywriter.
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Nikki Kay
Words everywhere. Fiction, poetry, personal essays about parenting, mental health, and the intersection of the two. messymind.substack.com
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Yvette Uloma Dimiri
Media Professional living in Lagos, Nigeria. Writing on love, and other human stuff.
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Bex Hall
Bex is an artist who writes and a writer who arts. Current WIP: memoir about cheating death, 2nd chances & the power of kindness. Blogs at bexhall.com.
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Liz Thomas
A pseudonym to protect my job as a catholic schoolteacher from my radical queer advocacy. Or vice versa. I haven’t decided yet.
Go to the profile of Estacious(Charles White)
Estacious(Charles White)
I am a southern writer and teacher living in the midwest. I focus on education, poetry, and fiction. I am an award-winning playwright. estaciousw1914@yahoo.com
Go to the profile of J. Edward Les, MD
J. Edward Les, MD
Pediatric emergency physician. Former veterinarian. Father. Writer. Cancer survivor.
Go to the profile of Katie Acosta
Katie Acosta
I am a queer, woman of color, scholar-activist. writing about parenting, loving, forgiving and struggle
Go to the profile of Lisa Romeo
Lisa Romeo
Author of the memoir, Starting with Goodbye (Univ. Nevada Press, 2018) http://bit.ly/SWG-LR . Professor, Bay Path MFA. Freelance writer. Editor. Writing coach.
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Ashley Rodriguez
Your boss is probably exploiting you. bossbarista.substack.com for more work on employee empowerment and workplace equity.
Go to the profile of Sarah McBride
Sarah McBride
National Press Secretary at HRC. Delawarean. Author of forthcoming memoir Tomorrow Will Be Different: Love, Loss, and the Fight for Trans Equality.
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Go to the profile of Dr Scott Donaldson
Dr Scott Donaldson
Urologist, public school educated, nationally syndicated radio show, failed politician, teacher of surgeons, husband, father, 3 dogs and one old truck
Go to the profile of Eric Pierce
Eric Pierce
Writer, gamer, pop culture nerd. Editor of Fanfare. Probably thinking about Star Wars. https://newsletter.allthefanfare.com
Go to the profile of Bethany Marcel
Bethany Marcel
Bethany Marcel is a writer whose work has appeared in Literary Hub, Popula, Motherwell, and more. Find her on Twitter @bethmarcel or at www.bethanymarcel.com
Go to the profile of Mari Pack
Mari Pack
Editor and poet. Bad at math. maripack.com
Go to the profile of Rachael Hope
Rachael Hope
Polyamorous, loud laughing unapologetic feminist, rad fatty, and epic sweet tooth.
Go to the profile of Jacque Gorelick
Jacque Gorelick
Writer. Mom. Caffeine Enthusiast. Believer in Kindness & Humor. Words in The New York Times, Washington Post, HuffPost, and more.
Go to the profile of Bobbi Dempsey
Bobbi Dempsey
Writer whose recent work includes essays and op-eds on poverty and social issues, but I also love fun stuff like the 80s, bargain-hunting, and bad reality TV.
Go to the profile of Emily Kingsley
Emily Kingsley
Always polishing the flip side of the coin. Live updates from the middle class. e.kingsleywhalen@gmail.com. She/her.
Go to the profile of Zulie Rane
Zulie Rane
Content creator, cat mom, 6-figure entrepreneur. She/her. Get 2x weekly emails on how to make money writing online: https://zuliewrites.ck.page/3e3d3a8187
Go to the profile of Megan Seling
Megan Seling
Megan Seling is a writer and author in Nashville, TN. Human Parts, Nashville Scene, The Stranger, Livability, Rookie, Wondering Sound, & more.
Go to the profile of Courtney Christine Woods
Courtney Christine Woods
Storyteller, social worker, solo parent. Fan of triads and alliteration. Believer that we’re all out here doing our best. Find me on FB @courtneycwrites
Go to the profile of Kate Siahaan-Rigg
Kate Siahaan-Rigg
Actor, Writer, Activist, Futurist, Comedian, Amerasian rebel. And sometimes why. FB @katerigg IG @kateriggnyc www.katerigg.com
Go to the profile of Shannon Page
Shannon Page
Writer, editor, thinker of things, living on Orcas Island, Washington state. https://www.shannonpage.net
Go to the profile of Joanna Cohen
Joanna Cohen
student, always.
Go to the profile of T Kira Madden
T Kira Madden
Writer, Photographer, Amateur Magician. Author: LONG LIVE THE TRIBE OF FATHERLESS GIRLS (2019, Bloomsbury)
Go to the profile of Riane Konc
Riane Konc
Jokes in the New Yorker, the NYT, McSweeney’s, and more. Order my satirical holiday book, BUILD YOUR OWN CHRISTMAS MOVIE ROMANCE, today. More: www.rianekonc.com
Go to the profile of Rachel Lewett
Rachel Lewett
Truth-teller | Trauma Educator | Ex-addict. Have you been misled about the true source of addiction and mental health challenges? I have. Let’s talk about it.
Go to the profile of Laura Isolde
Laura Isolde
Learning to make dinner, do laundry, & check homework without gallons of wine. Writer, runner, momma. Find me at ParentingWithoutBooze.com
Go to the profile of Michael McAllister
Michael McAllister
True stories with teeth. Chihuahua herder, marketer, and prehistoric blogger (dogpoet.com/blog since 2001).
Go to the profile of Noah Hawley
Noah Hawley
Director, showrunner, screenwriter, novelist, and father. Upcoming projects include the film Lucy in the Sky and the book Fargo: This Is A True Story.
Go to the profile of Molly
Medium: your personalized cesspool of uniformed clickbait. I write here sometimes: https://tinyletter.com/batshitnormal
Go to the profile of Anne Victoria Clark
Anne Victoria Clark
@vulture writer/editor, union ( @Newsguild ) member, Queens resident, originated in Nebraska, educated in Texas, understandably furious.
Go to the profile of Matthew R. Manning
Matthew R. Manning
Writing as resistance. Musings on humanness, identity, mental health, leadership, and more.
Go to the profile of Mari Andrew
Mari Andrew
Author of Am I There Yet? www.bymariandrew.com
Go to the profile of Dani Fleischer
Dani Fleischer
Personal essayist. Hard at work on my memoir. Facebook.com/DaniFleischerWriter
Go to the profile of Elyssa Goodman
Go to the profile of Sarai Perez
Sarai Perez
Setting myself free through words of love and honesty.
Go to the profile of J. Colette Prosper
J. Colette Prosper
Colette is a Haitian-American writer from Brooklyn who thinks ‘Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead’ is a phenomenal movie. She now lives in Los Angeles.
Go to the profile of John Telfer
John Telfer
Jesus freak, writer and actor living in Los Angeles. Full-time thinker, part-time do-er.
Go to the profile of Lauren Sieben
Lauren Sieben
Writer in Milwaukee. Work appears in the Washington Post, The Guardian, Belt Magazine, Milwaukee Magazine, Midwest Living and others. laurensieben.com
Go to the profile of Alison Stevenson
Alison Stevenson
Female comedian and girl writer. Awful at being my own editor (but working on it!!!).
Go to the profile of Zara Zareen
Go to the profile of Tamsin Oxford
Tamsin Oxford
Writer of endless prose and delectable copy. You can see my work here http://www.tamsinoxford.co.uk/ and my business here http://content.coffee/.
Go to the profile of Kristi Coulter
Kristi Coulter
Author of “Enjoli,” NOTHING GOOD CAN COME FROM THIS, and the forthcoming EXIT INTERVIEW, a memoir of ambition, work, and Amazon. www.kristicoulter.com
Go to the profile of Gabriel Nathan
Gabriel Nathan
Gabe is Editor in Chief of OC87 Recovery Diaries, a mental health publication. He drives an old VW year round and wears corduroy trousers in the summer.
Go to the profile of Chelsea Lockwood
Chelsea Lockwood
Writer and figment of your imagination. I write about pain, consciousness, and psychedelics. Subscribe to my free Substack: chelsealockwood.substack.com
Go to the profile of Tom Matsuda
Tom Matsuda
Writer from London. Words in OneZero, Human Parts, Al Jazeera.
Go to the profile of Michael McLeod
Michael McLeod
High school English teacher and writer from Johannesburg, South Africa
Go to the profile of D.A. Kirk
D.A. Kirk
Outer space enthusiast. Japanese history junkie. I write about politics, culture, and mental illness. Disagreement is a precursor to progress.
Go to the profile of Elaine Kasket
Elaine Kasket
Psychologist, writer, keynote speaker. Author of All the Ghosts in the Machine (2019) and This is Your Life on Tech (upcoming).
Go to the profile of Michael Sendrow
Michael Sendrow
Writer, psychoanalyst-in-training, and music fan otherwise
Go to the profile of Kasia Patzelt
Kasia Patzelt
Embodiment Coach. Here to co-create an Authentic Human Reality. www.kasiapatzelt.com
Go to the profile of Maura McNamara
Maura McNamara
Artist and seeker. Host of The Unbroken Chain podcast. www.maurajames.com
Go to the profile of Jamie Cattanach
Jamie Cattanach
Freelance writer, frequent flyer, unabashed nerd. Portland, Oregon.
Go to the profile of Jessica DeFino
Jessica DeFino
Jessica DeFino is a beauty reporter covering natural, holistic, sustainable skincare. Her work has been published in The New York Times, Vogue, Allure, & more.
Go to the profile of Riley Black
Riley Black
Distant cousin of T. rex. Author of Skeleton Keys, My Beloved Brontosaurus, and more. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @Laelaps. http://rileyblack.net
Go to the profile of Molly Martin
Molly Martin
Follow me @mollydbu on Instagram (for all the food) and Twitter (for all the thoughts). Wilmington, Vermont -> Gainesville, FL ->Denver, CO.
Go to the profile of Kim Cooper Findling
Kim Cooper Findling
Fifth-generation Oregonian and writer, editor, publisher, author, mother. Essay is my favorite form. Beach is my favorite place. kimcooperfindling.com
Go to the profile of Michael Oman-Reagan
Michael Oman-Reagan
Student of life, the universe, and everything. patreon.com/SpaceFutures
Go to the profile of Kristine Hadeed
Kristine Hadeed
Critical thinker and community organizer advocating for the liberation and dignity of all people.
Go to the profile of Miyah Byrd
Miyah Byrd
The Ethical Storyteller. Founder & Host of We Don’t Talk About That! anchor.fm/miyah-byrd/
Go to the profile of Ace Callwood
Ace Callwood
I build brands at Equal Sons, tell stories at Evolve, shape healthcare at the Healthcare Innovation Consortium, and facilitate diversity conversations at TMI.
Go to the profile of Sophie Lucido Johnson
Sophie Lucido Johnson
A person who writes and draws and eats her feelings.
Go to the profile of Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons
Kelly Jean Fitzsimmons
Writer, educator, and producer of No, YOU Tell It! (noyoutellit.com) Stalk my Insta adventures @KJ_Fitzsimmons @noyoutellit
Go to the profile of Neurodiverging Coaching
Neurodiverging Coaching
An online, sliding scale neurodivergent coaching practice supporting folks worldwide. Learn more at Neurodiverging.com.
Go to the profile of Emily Kirkpatrick
Emily Kirkpatrick
Emily Kirkpatrick is a writer for hire currently covering all things Vanities at Vanity Fair.
Go to the profile of Sophia Wilson Pelton
Go to the profile of Erica Rhodes
Erica Rhodes
Comedian of all trades.
Go to the profile of Purnima Mani
Purnima Mani
Often reading, writing, or teaching. Always cooking, baking, and eating. Words in Human Parts, Curious, Modern Parent. Connect on Twitter @purnima_mani
Go to the profile of Dakota Morlan
Dakota Morlan
News editor and independent journalist from the land of bullfrogs, cattle and cannabis. To read more, visit dakotamorlan.com and subscribe. @DakotaNMorlan
Go to the profile of Elizabeth Cauvel
Elizabeth Cauvel
I’m a west coast-based creative director at New York-based ad agency MRY, and the season 5 Masterchef runner-up. I love mayonnaise, yoga, cats, and pizza.
Go to the profile of Kristen Tsetsi
Kristen Tsetsi
Author of the post-Roe v. Wade novel THE AGE OF THE CHILD. “A voice & perspective we rarely see in literature. Total page-turner." - Amazon Review
Go to the profile of Angela Meng
Go to the profile of Meghan Gunn
Meghan Gunn
Meghan Gunn is a writer. https://www.meghangunn.com/ tweeting @95gunn
Go to the profile of Meghan Daum
Meghan Daum
Weekly blogger for Medium. Host of @TheUnspeakPod. Author of six books, including The Problem With Everything. www.theunspeakablepodcast.com www.meghandaum.com
Go to the profile of Molly Martin
Molly Martin
I’m a long-time tradeswoman activist and retired electrician/electrical inspector in Santa Rosa CA.
Go to the profile of Jane Garnett, EMDR LMFT
Jane Garnett, EMDR LMFT
Psychotherapist t specializing in INNER LIBERATION @thebananajane. Sex, Psychics, & Psychedelics podcast. The banana jane YouTube
Go to the profile of Jude Ellison S. Doyle
Jude Ellison S. Doyle
Author of “Trainwreck” (Melville House, ‘16) and “Dead Blondes and Bad Mothers” (Melville House, ‘19). Columns published far and wide across the Internet.
Go to the profile of Christiana White
Christiana White
Writer | Reader | Mother | Cook | Support my writing here ➜ https://christianawhite.medium.com/membership
Go to the profile of Caits Meissner
Caits Meissner
Artist and writer. “Meissner is that rare poet who can simultaneously and sincerely give a damn… while also giving zero fucks.” — John Murillo 🌸
Go to the profile of Simone Keelah Brathwaite
Simone Keelah Brathwaite
A self-proclaimed freedom chaser who writes about self-development, spirituality, relationships, & black folx thangs. Sign up for updates www.SimoneKeelah.com.
Go to the profile of Kate Stone Lombardi
Kate Stone Lombardi
Journalist/author. Contributor NYT 20+ years. Also WSJ, Time.com, GH, AARP, more. Author: Mama’s Boy Myth (Penguin/Avery 2012). Cook. Besotted grandmother.
Go to the profile of Gammons Thome
Gammons Thome
Gammons Thome was born in the late 19th century and has been dedicated every day since to broaden the love and protect the sanctity of the game of baseball.
Go to the profile of Catherine Kapphahn
Catherine Kapphahn
Catherine Kapphahn is the author of Immigrant Daughter: Stories You Never Told Me https://www.amazon.com/Immigrant-Daughter-Stories-Never-Told/dp/0578545020/ref
Go to the profile of Ellie Levenson
Ellie Levenson
I am a writer and lecturer based in the UK, writing for adults as Ellie Levenson and for children as Eleanor Levenson.
Go to the profile of Savala Nolan
Savala Nolan
uc berkeley law professor and essayist @ vogue, time, harper’s, NYT, NPR, and more | Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins | she/her | IG @notquitebeyonce
Go to the profile of Shinyung Oh
Shinyung Oh
Former lawyer, associate marriage & family therapist, www.capriciousbubbles.com
Go to the profile of Maud Newton
Maud Newton
Author of ANCESTOR TROUBLE, a best book of 2022 per New Yorker, NPR, WaPo... Bylines in NYT Mag, Guardian... Newsletter sign-up in Linktree. Opinions mine. She.
Go to the profile of Kayla Jean Effner
Kayla Jean Effner
Journalist, artist, crazy person, leftist, lesbian, genius, idiot
Go to the profile of Jack Shepherd
Jack Shepherd
I have a newsletter about crossword puzzles and a podcast about rom-coms. Formerly editorial director @BuzzFeed. Email: JackAShepherd at gmail
Go to the profile of Wes X
Wes X
I write stories. Sometimes people read them.
Go to the profile of Ellen Stephenson
Ellen Stephenson
I’m a longtime journaler & blooming writer. Observer of culture & relationships. I tend to write memoir but aspire to dabble in historical fiction.
Go to the profile of Lou Cove
Lou Cove
Author of MAN OF THE YEAR: A MEMOIR. Founder: CANVAS. Chief Creative: Creative Capacity Network. And digitally enhanced at www.LouCove.com
Go to the profile of Henya Drescher
Henya Drescher
Psychological thrillers writer, wife, mother, weightlifter, gardener. Stolen Truth on Amazon.
Go to the profile of Obinna Uruakpa
Obinna Uruakpa
I am your Brother and a Seeker of the Infinite. I came this time among the Igbos. I share the sights, sounds, and scents of my journey in simple stories. .
Go to the profile of Bev Potter
Bev Potter
Legal secretary by day, insomniac by night. Ally. BA, MA. Humor, pop culture, and things that make you think. My weekly-ish newsletter is bevpotter.substack.com
Go to the profile of Kiki kameran
Kiki kameran
A creative writer, "Kiki". Come say hi to me on one of my stories.
Go to the profile of Aurelia Bliss
Aurelia Bliss
I write nonfiction, fiction, and sort-of-sort-of-not fiction. Whatever I'm writing at the moment is always me giving a peek. Top writer in Humor and History.
Go to the profile of Amna Fayyaz
Amna Fayyaz
CEO at H.A Industries Entrepreneur Businesswomen for contact email me at amnafayyaz747@gmail.com
Go to the profile of Ronna Lou
Ronna Lou
Writes on Quora.com/profile/Ronna-Lou and Romance Coach for Philippine-women.com
Go to the profile of Richa Singh
Richa Singh
I help you navigate life transitions - I have lived and worked across 3 continents. Top writer in Ideas, Featured in Human Parts & Mind Cafe.
Go to the profile of Paul Gilbert
Paul Gilbert
Writer, producer, creative director at CNN, the NBA and Heart at Work. Four decades into the game, it’s always about the story.
Go to the profile of Indiegirl822
I'm Bindu. New to Medium. Lawyer/Exec. Reflections on politics, race, Gen X, feminism, intersectionality, multi-cultural life.
Go to the profile of Ashley Broadwater
Ashley Broadwater
Freelance writer on multiple platforms. On Medium: writing tips + relationships. UNC-CH Journalism + Media. Newsletter + more: www.linktr.ee/ashleybroadwater
Go to the profile of angela l smith
angela l smith
archaeologist, writer, engineer & mom
Go to the profile of Leah Welborn
Leah Welborn
Empower Your Magical Self with me. I'm the Mystic Autistic, a writer and spiritual baddie. LeahWelborn.net.
Go to the profile of Leon Macfayden
Leon Macfayden
11x Top Writer. Join my substack for everything related to mental health: https://leonmacfayden.substack.com/
Go to the profile of Jessica Lim
Jessica Lim
Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing … or both | Reach out 👋 jessicalim813@gmail.com
Go to the profile of das651@msn.com
Involved in all things that engage our minds and strengthen our souls. Art making, curating, writing, entrepreneurial endeavors.
Go to the profile of Moyosore Quadri
Moyosore Quadri
Fiction | Poetry | Satire | Tomfoolery | Creative Non-Fiction; Master of none.
Go to the profile of Meredith Carty
Meredith Carty
Graphic designer and copywriter in the Blue Ridge Mountains
Go to the profile of Chelsea Nelthropp
Chelsea Nelthropp
Lost in a poetic daydream.
Go to the profile of Margaret Dunn