Confessions of a Professional Sex Chatter

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Why you shouldn't fully trust dating apps.

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When I first relocated to the Netherlands four years ago, I was still fresh off my diploma and ready to find a side job while studying for my university degree. There were plenty of websites offering thousands of different offers for content creators, writers, journalists, and copyrighters Unfortunately, most of them were fully in Dutch or required you to have perfect English, requirements that I definitely couldn’t meet (probably not even now).

I shifted my focus to jobs suitable for Italian speakers, and that’s when I stumbled upon what seemed too good to be true — and it was. They were looking for a full-time content creator/writer who could speak English but work mostly in Italian. I aced the initial selection round, during which they described the job as crafting fantasies, characters and thrilling love stories that they would ultimately sell.

The second step of the selection process was writing a few very short flirty and passionate stories. It seemed pretty cool and funny, so I sent them my stories. To my astonishment, I successfully advanced through the second selection round and subsequent interview. During the interview, they provided a glimpse of the work environment, introduced me to my prospective colleagues, and explained the job.

Basically, they had multiple websites offering erotic fantasies, primarily targeting a male demographic — a 90% male audience.

They had a team of around 10 international and multilingual writers. Personally I have always approached subjects without self-imposed filters. It might have to do with the fact that I’m autistic. I don’t always know how to censor myself or what you shouldn’t share with the world.

I thought I would give it a try and that it was no big deal. The working conditions were optimal: a great salary, a beautiful office in the city center, paid travel expenses, plus all the desirable work benefits like pension scheme, a month of paid vacation, year-end bonus, and free expensive, luxurious working dinners. At first, it seemed like the perfect gig. My main task was creating women profiles using sexy images sourced from our personal agency and…

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