Heavenly Bodies

A zodiacal guide to personalized fitness

Rachael Middleton
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Credit: Fanatic Studio/Getty Images

PPersonalization is a hallmark of astrology — and there’s so much it can tell you about a person’s individual health and wellness tendencies. In particular, examining various chart factors can help determine the optimal type of exercise for each sign.

When it comes to health and vitality, it’s important to consider which sign the sun and moon are in. Also key is the sign of the ascendant, which rules the body and represents the energy that we’re physically most attuned to. Mars is an essential planet for physical energy, so look to the sign it’s placed in for further clues.

Below are some suggestions for the types of exercise and personal fitness styles best suited to each zodiac sign. Remember that everyone has several energies influencing a matter as complex as health, so it’s likely that more than one sign’s energy will be at play.


Aries benefit from physical activity where they’re able to go at their own speed — which is fast. They’re great at individual sports like boxing and martial arts. They’re also sprinters and can get a lot done in little time, so something like jumping rope is very Arian.

It’s important for Aries to be in control of everything. They want to do things themselves, so they’re less likely…