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Following Your Heart Is the Logical Thing to Do

You can’t predict the countless benefits that await you on the other side

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10 min readJul 14, 2020


A smiling person jumps toward the viewer, fist raised triumphantly.
Illustrations: More To That

Life leaps come in varying distances.

Some feel lofty and risky:

A person stands on a cliff opposite another cliff with a sign that says “Quit job to do something more fulfilling.”

Some are difficult yet manageable:

2 clifs that are closer than the last image. 1 has a sign that says “reach out to sibling after a bad fight.”

And some just require a small hop to get started:

A person on a cliff that’s within jumping distance of a cliff with a sign that says “start blogging on the side.”

Chances are there’s some area of your life where you feel like a leap of some kind is required. Whether it’s personal or professional, the idea of reaching one’s potential is deeply embedded in all of us. This is because humans have the unique ability to take inventory of present attributes and use them to forecast an optimal life that can be lived in the future.

While one’s potential is not a tangible good, no one would deny the reality of its existence. The reason why babies are so cherished is because of all the bright possibilities that await them; every life path is open, and the world is their oyster. For a moment, no door is closed, and we take joy in seeing them maneuver through a seemingly infinite existence, figuring out what resonates with them and what doesn’t.

Parents and a baby near a signpost. The path before them splits off into many branches.

As a human being grows into adulthood, however, things shift. Whereas an infant goes through the world with curiosity, an adult is expected to move about with justification. Life choices must be made with analysis, and interestingly, even inaction requires this type of reasoning as well.

When determining whether or not one takes a leap, there seem to be better reasons to not make that jump than to do so. After all…