Quitting the ‘Rush Through Life’ Game

I’m taking my time to enjoy every moment — even the failures

Sunshine Zombiegirl
Human Parts
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2 min readMay 18, 2019


Photo: blackred/Getty Images

II have spent nearly my entire life getting from one goal to the next. Get out of high school a year early? Check. Get married, have babies? Yep. Get two college degrees while full-timing the rest of my life on hard-player mode and fast-forward? Leveled it.

Succeed at nearly every damn thing I’ve touched or tried? Sure. When I put my hyperdrive focus into play, it’s easy to do everything to the exclusion of sitting still. But there were also all the epic battles for my health and my life. Everyone needs to have boss fights as they level, right?

I’ve achieved level 43. And oh, man, was it epic. I wouldn’t take back a moment. I have no regrets. But rushing through life to get all the phat loots? I’m not so interested in rushing to win anymore. I want to explore, savor, and take my time. Feel all the good feels. Take a good long space to enjoy every single moment, all the wins, and even to feel the losses—as difficult as it may be to experience them.

What’s the hurry, really?

I’m only halfway done playing the game. And if I play it right, even losing the boss fights can go my way. I can learn just as much from failure as from success.