How Much My Novel Cost Me

Writing my first book got me into debt. To finish the next one, I had to become solvent.

Illustrations : Leah Goran

It took me a while to realize that my book had failed. No one ever told me point-blank that it had.

How could someone who had been so mistaken about the narrative structure of her own life hope to write a novel?

I regret the bottled water, I regret the cappuccinos, but mostly I regret not realizing that I needed to stop therapy sooner.

You lose everything you have that can be lost, and find out who you are when you have to live without it.

“Okay, say I’m a voice of my generation.”

It was miraculous, I wanted to shout into the wind, how much space opened up in your brain when you stopped filling it with a steady stream of other people’s thoughts!

Author, co-owner @emilybooks.

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