How to Feed Your Moon Sign

The key to feeding your emotional and physical body may be in your sign

Rachael Middleton
Human Parts


Photo: Dina Belenko Photography/Moment/Getty Images

IfIf you want to know how to take care of someone, you might look to their moon sign. A person’s moon sign, the zodiac position of the moon at birth, can reveal how they like to be nourished, what kind of self-care they need, and what their emotional tenor is like. The moon in an astrological chart can tell how a person feels about their mother and their own role as a nurturer as well as the way they give care and the way they receive it.

The moon also represents a person’s relationship with food and shows what feels familiar to them and what they unconsciously gravitate toward. It can denote the vibe of the person, indicating how they are at home or in their most inner resting place. The type of comfort we want and what kind of energy makes us feel safe and at ease can be shown by the moon’s placement.

Moon signs are associated with the elements of fire, earth, water, and air. Because the moon rules our emotional body and unconscious ways of being, it can be a hard thing to change. Some moon sign energies are more naturally compatible than others, and people who share an element will often get along. It’s not the only way to have compatibility in an astrological chart, but it helps. If you can accommodate your own or someone…