Human Highlights: Indulgences

Our favorite responses to last week’s writing prompt

Photo: pakornkrit/Getty Images

Table for one

“Hello, ma’am, can I ask how many will be dining with you this afternoon?”

Tank time

My first time, I thought I might go insane. Sensory deprivation seemed like something out of a sci-fi novel I hadn’t yet discovered. A silly, bougie fad for bored housewives, I assumed.

Notes on buying a ring

Many could claim I just fell prey of the consumerist oppression of an industry that forces women to don themselves in meaningless baubles to pretend relevance. I will let them say any words that humor them. I won’t even try to argue otherwise. At some point, we all enjoy having a tangible token on significance in our lives.

Hang ten

We both paddled and caught the incoming head high wave. I popped up and glided easily down the smooth face. It was the first wave I rode on Big Red.

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