I Have Been Building Myself Like a House for You

Photo: Ivan Grgic/Getty Images

Reckless Wonder

I will wait for the day you send love out into the world with reckless wonder like a message in a bottle that washes ashore to me the day I find my childhood baseball mitt and peel back a flap of leather that reveals your return address.

Until then I’m building myself like a house for you, so feel free to move in whenever.

Fire Flower

You are fire flower paper blood and I am honey coffee water sun.

Watch witches stir us in a cauldron and fulfill our prophecy as inevitable as time.

Night Light

Sometimes you’re a pinball machine in the dark hours after the arcade has closed, pinging and singing with indefatigable possibility and light.

Other times you’re a night light and I am four.

Dream Puzzles

Every morning reverberates in pitch-black as an orchestra tunes itself towards endless possibility.

Every night our bodies are music, dream puzzles tessellating to infinity.

Hidden City

You’re a tour guide walking backward holding the flag of some small nation.

I am all the versions of myself in our matching yellow hats shuffling with wonder through a hidden city.

Bodies Flee

We are chickens and our severed heads are on the ground as our bodies flee out of sight.

We go out laughing about a joke neither of us can remember.

New Seasons

Today smells like the first day of fall and every morning afterwards smells like a new season I didn’t know existed.

You’re like wafting a world that has never known war.

Peace Machine

When I’m with you I convince myself that all the violence in the world is just a bad dream; the devil’s fan fiction.

Maybe you are a peace machine. Maybe this is how we destroy violence.

Editor-in-chief @dosomething and freelancer about town. More at benkassoy.com.

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