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I Miss Having a Full Face and I Miss Seeing Yours

Our eyes are tired of communicating, and our pixelated faces are so 2020

Sarah Graalman
Human Parts
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6 min readApr 11, 2021


Photo: Amparo Torres O. / Flickr

I must admit something. I have Covid-19-inspired face lust.

We’ve been watched by the walls of our homes since March 2020 and have seen too few real, in-person faces. It’s all been face porn, watching characters on TV as our pets stare on. “Faces” are not the flat, pixelated images of co-workers on Zoom, nor are they the tiny 2D versions of your parents or friends on FaceTime.

I need faces. The full, fleshy cheeks, eyes, noses, and mouths of loved ones — even strangers—are what I want. If I sound like I’m about to become face promiscuous, it’s because I am.

It’s been over a year since naked faces were in public. We are socially nothing more than a lonely pair of frantic eyeballs when masked in public, smiles unseen while smizing and yelling through fabric or over-gesturing with our arms. Our public sparring partners wildly flailing and eyeball-communicating back. Eye faces with mime arms. That’s what we’ve become.

What’s a wide-eyed gaze without a mouth dropped open? Or a wink without a smirk? From wrinkles to freckles to moles to made-up faces to the face-lifted — our histories are told by the…