I Quit Being a Therapist so I Could Be a Better Husband

I asked my wife what it’s like to be married to a clinical psychologist. Her answer changed our lives.

A photo of the writer and his wife on their wedding day.
Photo: Jacquelyne Pierson

I hated the idea of being someone who spends the day helping other families overcome difficult emotions but can’t do the same with himself at home for his family.

High school graduation. Photos courtesy of the author.

I had exhausted everything I had at work and had nothing left for my wife.

Doing therapy.

I decided the best thing I can do for my relationship with my wife is to stop — at least for now — working as a therapist.

Psychologist. Treated anxiety in NYC. Seen on Netflix, Buzzfeed, HBO. Now I’m in Silicon Valley making videos about mental health: YouTube.com/ThePsychShow

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