If I Had Two Words to Name Your Soul

This is what I’d call it

Ben Kassoy
Human Parts


Photo: Silvia Bragagnolo/EyeEm/Getty Images

Reckless Wonder

Dream Puzzles

Hidden City

Peace Machine

Missy Elliott


Pillow Fort

Space Camp

Primal Colors

*Light* Jacket

Secret Weapon

Bismarck Doughnuts

The Cavalry

The Wolf

Transcendent Details

Perfect Heist


Dream Team

River | Phoenix

Superlative Sweep

Universal Truth

Christmas Eve

Instant Mythology

Nightmares’ Nightmare

Continental Breakfast

Purple Rain

Indefatigable Light

Collective Effervescence

The Sandlot

Mr. Rogers

My Grandfather


Best Man

Final Frontier

Apollo 3000

Peter Pan

Fire Flower

The Dreamweaver

Frances Perkins

Absolute Zero

Tikkun Olam



Ben Kassoy
Human Parts

Poet, writer, author of THE FUNNY THING ABOUT A PANIC ATTACK -- available now! www.benkassoy.com/books