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We’re taking a break this weekend to rest, recharge, and look at things that aren’t screens. While we’re out, enjoy some of our favorite long (and longish) reads from the last few years. They cover everything from ayahuasca to personality types to the JFK assassination. You’ll find several gems from Human Parts, along with highlights from the platform, and our sister publications across Medium.

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33 Things I Stole From People Smarter Than Me, by Ryan Holiday

I’ve heard this wisdom from many different writers over the years, but as time passes, the truth of it becomes more and more clear: When someone tells you something is wrong, they’re almost always right. When someone tells you how to fix it, they’re almost always wrong. This applies to both writing and life.

Our Difficult Daughter, by Anita Jain

Illustration: Peter Wadsworth

Back in New York, 37 turned to 38 and 39. And then, as the logic of time and mathematics dictates, 40 and 41 and 42. Like the final years of a great empire, the last years of a woman’s fertility speed by, leaving historians struggling to account for them. (Why couldn’t Rome fend off the Goths? Why was I dating that unemployed actor?)

How I Stopped Sitting Around All Day Seething With Jealousy of My Peers, by Mandy Stadtmiller

What I didn’t realize then was that I was battling an invincible foe, a monster of my own creation. What had begun as a healthy inner creative critic had long since metamorphosed into an insatiable, sadistic beast. It had free reign over everything I typed, thought, and did. It was in charge, not me. It told me I sucked. It knew every bad choice I’d ever made. Every wrong word I had written. Every blustering embarrassment and overreach. It knew I was a failure. It told me that all the time.

If You Blink, We Go Back to the Start, by rb

The night of the play. I meet his wife. I am not, at 14, accustomed to meeting the wives of men who have…



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