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30-Day Dating Challenge for People Who Are F*cking Done with Dating

It worked for me, it might just work for you

Hannah Furst
Human Parts
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5 min readOct 7, 2021
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You hate dating apps, I get it. I was you once and I remember how shit it feels. I’ve come to discover that being successful on dating apps has nothing to do with how hot your profile pics are, and everything to do with your mindset.

For this challenge, we are going to view every date as an experience. Whether it’s good, bad, godawful, as sexy as a James Spader movie, or as boring as a Marvel movie, every dating experience is worth your time and effort.

You aren’t doing this challenge to meet your soulmate. You are doing it to throw yourself in the middle of life: to throw out your rules and checklists and expectations; to take risks; to feel the sting of rejection; to turn up as your wonderfully weird self; to be ghosted; to feel butterflies again (or is it nervous diarrhoea?). This is the spice of life. And I hope it burns you!

Step 1: Get feedback on your dating profile

I suggest Hinge for the purposes of this challenge (I like the layout). If you haven’t already, create a profile that reflects who you are (not just what you look like):

  • Write prompts that feel authentic. Prompts are your best filtering tool. You don’t want to attract everyone, you want to attract your people. NO MORE ONE-LINERS, PEOPLE! None of this, “I go crazy for… Spicy margs.” Let’s dig a little deeper. Since I changed my prompts, I have been getting infinitely better matches, curated just for me. My prompts specifically filter out emotionally unavailable fuckboys, 5 am gym junkies, workaholics and/or homebodies.
  • Choose photos that depict a range of interests. I have one at the beach, one holding a box of donuts, one glam, one travelling, one hiking and one of me caught in a storm holding an inside-out umbrella. A guy once told me that my profile pics confused him. “Which one are you?” He needed to put me in a box. Fuck that dude. I am all of them!!! I am a multifaceted human and so are you.
  • Get feedback on your beautiful new profile. Show at least three people who know you well. Ask them, “Does this reflect who I am…



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