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Notes from an Emergency Room

Deciphering some old after-accident thoughts

sheet of branded notepad paper held down by a couple of rocks and a shell fragment. A cross and “EMERGENCY AMBULANCE SERVICE” is printed in green across the top of it; writing in black ballpoint pen is all over the page, up and down and sideways.

In July of 2019, both tires on my road bike blew as I was riding. I put my foot down (wrong move); my bike kicked me off, and I landed on the back of my head. I was on a busy road, so I tried to get up, but I’d been knocked for a loop and couldn’t. I can’t remember now if someone pulled…




A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.

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Yi Shun Lai

Yi Shun Lai

Diversity&Inclusion educator. Author, Pin Ups (9/20). Columnist, The Writer mag.; @gooddirt. Psst: Say “yeeshun.” You can do it!

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