Rediscovering America on a 3,000 Mile Road Trip

Thirteen days from Boston to Los Angeles, with my mother and brother

Benjamin Davis
Human Parts
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8 min readSep 18, 2021


illustration: Nikita Klimov

I am from America. One Nation, Under God. I don’t live in America anymore though. I live in far-away countries that are sometimes under God, but mostly under skies, clouds, stars, the sun, the moon, and sometimes birds.

I decided to return home after nearly a decade for a road trip — a three-thousand-mile drive with my mother and brother in a Chrysler Seabreeze from Boston, Massachusetts (where I grew up) to L.A.

Sitting in the back of a car for long stretches opens the mind up to a lot of weird thoughts. About three hours after we set out from Massachusetts, mine was this: People are like eggs, all being flavored in whatever way makes them most palatable to whoever’s plate they’re on. For example, I am a person. If I were an egg, I’d be a fried egg, like my mother, who sat shotgun. My brother, who led the expedition, would also, likely, be a fried egg: salt, no pepper — the three of us.

We left our home. We passed overnight into Ohio. From the window of our hotel, across the highway, casting a shadow over row after row of rundown housing units, we saw a billboard. This is what the billboard said:


On the left side of the billboard, there was a magnificent chicken. Beside the building, there were two buildings that looked like boobs. So, I told my brother: “Look — those buildings look like boobs.”

And he said: “Grow up.”

And my mother said: “The free breakfast is just hard-boiled eggs and white bread. Gross. Can we please go somewhere else to eat?”

So we stopped in Kentucky at a diner with a sign that said: Fried Eggs and Grits $4.99. It was far enough south to get sweet tea. We stood outside. We looked around, then at ourselves.

“I don’t think we look like we’re from around here,” I noted.

My brother frowned at me. “I’m wearing all mint,” he said.

The waitress was nice to us anyways, brought us sweet tea. Then came back with straws. She dropped them…



Benjamin Davis
Human Parts

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