Storyboard, or All of the Ways I’ve Kept Myself Alive

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Every journey of a thousand miles begins with one step — we are all great journeys in progress.

This journey begins when a man and a woman go out on a date.

Step 2: The man and the woman go out on a second date

Step 25: They have sex.

Step 40: They give birth to a son.

Step 45: The boy, full of love and laughter, walks into life unguarded.

Sometimes the road is littered with potholes, and we stumble and kick rocks; all we have to do is keep walking. The boy first learns this in step 115, when his mother smiles at him and dies.

Step 180: Everybody says time heals all wounds, but what do you do when its hands are stuck in a blur?

Step 185: You’d think you could bury your head in schoolwork, then career, then money, but you wake up every day with paper cuts.

Step 500: Depression is not a cloudy day or a grey sky; depression is a complete lack of sky. There are days when the sun disappears, even though it’s 40 degrees outside.

Step 560: Towards the end of this journey, you will complain about how everything was so much easier back then, before the loss, before the worst, before we slept for days as kids and woke up years. We built homes in our bones; we moulded castles with mud and stones, made soup from consenting leaves when our hearts were strangers to hunger.

And boy, in this journey, you will stumble. You will fall. But remember that time that you fell as a kid and scratched your knee, and your mother sucked the pain away with a kiss. Every journey continues by putting one foot in front of the other, no matter what. Your bones were meant to heal; I hope you get up and keep walking.

Step 615: The boy and a girl go out on a date.

Step 616: The boy and the girl go out on a second date.

Step 620: When love leaves him, sadness gains entrance into his body and opens up holes in every tissue. Nothing tells stories of defeat like shattered walls. In between love and rejection is an oasis of want…



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Human Parts

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