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Human Parts
A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.

“I’m ready for a new cat,” my 97-year-old Mom tells me.

“Dixie,” my mother’s last cat, had died two months earlier. Back when the beloved cat was still alive, mom had said it was her last. But she’d said the same thing about Dixie’s predecessor, “Curry” and before that, “Lucky.”

Humans 101

It worked for me, it might just work for you

Me wearing my fave t-shirt

You hate dating apps, I get it. I was you once and I remember how shit it feels. I’ve come to discover that being successful on dating apps has nothing to do with how hot your profile pics are, and everything to do with your mindset.

For this challenge, we…

Single life stats we need to stop tracking

Photo by Olga Lioncat from Pexels

Numbers are fine, I guess. I was never much good at them, but I think that has more to do with the “bad at math” programming I received during my extremely gendered education and upbringing than any actual aptitude. There’s nothing wrong with data, in fact, I enjoy a good…


They say to put on your own oxygen mask first. When the hell am I supposed to do that?

Photo by Renns Art on Unsplash

We were waiting for X-rays. When I got home from work, our 19-year-old cat was hobbling on three legs, gingerly hoisting a back foot at a pathetic angle. I’d rushed her to the emergency vet. She howled. …

This Cinderella has gotten off on the wrong foot

Photo by Marie Dashkova on Scopio

“I’m going to be just like Cinderella when I grow up.” My five-year-old niece, Keira, looked at me dreamily from across her bedroom.

On a recent visit to my sister’s home, I was assigned to my usual sleeping quarters: the girls’ room. There, I could sleep in Brynn’s bed while…

Reflections on Identity

Leaving kids at college, leaving marriages, losing spouses

One last selfie, day before college drop-off

I have a friend who drives in silence; she lives in a rural area, so she spends a lot of time in her car going from one destination to another. This astounds me: no radio, no podcasts, no audio books? I cannot fathom it. The discord in my head is…

I just noticed it

Photo: Unsplash / Jessica Flavia

My fingers are a dune buggy race down the endless sands of your back, and then they’re a squadron of submarines descending through the uncharted depths of your hair to your very top’s very bottom.

And after so many years mapping your body and its complex topographies, I spy a…

Feels like this

Photo: flickr / wildfires

Remembering you is like

the time I went to the mansion of a widow who, until the day she died, kept building and building and building additions to her massive pathological hideaway, like a door that opens to a twenty-foot drop or a stairway directly into a ceiling. …


Instead, focus on what’s in your control. Here’s how.

Photo: Jose Aragones/Unsplash

I called my good friend William and left him a voicemail. “I’ll be in Miami for five days. Hope we can get together one evening.” I never heard from him.

When I got back home, I called his mobile and work numbers. Nothing. I knew he was friendly with my…

(And then what actually happened)

Photo: Unsplash / The HK Photo Company

Whenever my friend goes on a first date he texts me

I’m going to marry this girl

just so he’ll have the receipts in case he’s ever right. And I think about all the different times, in all the different relationships, that I thought the same.

Like when I got…

Human Parts

A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.

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