Tarotscopes for the New Moon in Libra

Insights for being in loving partnership with ourselves

Aries: Queen of Pentacles x 6 of Cups x 4 of Pentacles

Taurus: Queen of Pentacles x Knight of Swords x 7 of Swords

Gemini: Judgement x Queen of Swords x 6 of Swords x King of Swords

Cancer: Queen of Pentacles x 5 of Pentacles x Page of Pentacles

Leo: 9 of cups x Magician x 10 of swords

Virgo: 2 of Wands x 10 of Wands x Ace of Cups

Libra: 9 of Swords x 5 of Swords x 7 of Coins

Scorpio: Knight of Cups x 2 of Pentacles x 10 of Swords

Sagittarius: The Messenger x The High Priestess x The 5 of Cups

Capricorn: 10 of Pentacles x The Ace of Cups x The Moon

Aquarius: Knight of Wands x 3 of Cups x 7 of Cups

Pisces: Temperance x Suspension x 7 of Swords

Writer/ Editor/ Cool Mom / PayPal.me/dominiquematti /dominiquemattiwrites@gmail.com

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