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The Art of Love Magic

How to embrace self-love using herbs, rituals, and a touch of magic

Amber C. Snider
Human Parts
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9 min readJul 9, 2019
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TThe word “witch” sometimes gets a bad rap. At the very least, identifying as such can slap a vaguely confused, if not fearful, stare on a stranger’s face. I don’t blame them — our society has both vilified and deified the witch for centuries; they’re seen as either femme fatales or devil-worshipping hags out for blood. In reality, neither trope is true.

Witchcraft is about healing healing the body, the spirit, the mind, and helping society to do the same. It’s about recognizing a sense of oneness with the earth and with nature, and using that connective power to aid yourself and empower others.

Still, the role of the sacred healer and keeper of knowledge has devolved into something else entirely.

Taking back the word “witch” has been a part of my spiritual journey for years. Raised in a D.C. suburb as a Protestant with Catholic roots, some of my earliest memories involved two questions: Why is the rest of the world “damned” for not believing in Christian ideology? And aren’t there many paths to the Divine? Condemnation for thinking differently didn’t feel like love, so I systematically reassessed everything I was taught, and I pieced together a spirituality that felt right to me.

One concrete thing I’ve learned along the way is that love is (or, at least, should be) at the core of everything. It’s our raison d’être, our driving force, and it’s the fiber of our social fabric. It’s also at the core of most world religions. So how does it apply to witchcraft? And what exactly is love magic?

Positive love magic is about enhancing your own positive qualities, especially your self-confidence, in order to attract people.

Stacy Rapp, Head Witch at New York City’s oldest occult store, Enchantments, offers her insight: “The bottom line with love magic is, unfortunately, all love magic is — to some degree — manipulative because you’re trying to influence other people’s feelings towards you. But there are positive ways to do that — and non-positive ways. Positive love magic is about enhancing your own…



Amber C. Snider
Human Parts

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