Carmen Jost

The Human Parts Open Thread: Apologize to Yourself

Apologize to yourself. For something. One thing. A thing your past self did without your present self’s permission. A thing you could undo, if you could undo things, but nothing important is undoable, and we’re so often asked to thank or treat or gratify ourselves when all we really need to hear is I’m Sorry. From ourselves. To ourselves.

I’m sorry. I’m sorry for leaving the light on so long it burned out and made you — me — eat toast in the dark. I should have bought more lights. I’m sorry I thought that bad thing about you (me) and kept it in my mind for a week or two until I forgot, unintentionally. I’m sorry, most of all, for telling you what you can’t do, or shouldn’t, or shouldn’t now but maybe then or in a year or when you’re more _________. I’m sorry for that.

200 words or less. We’ll share the sorriest sorrys in a compilation on Human Parts.

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