The Hungry Games

My wife eats. I take pictures. There’s a reason.

Steamed dumplings on a side street outside Guiyang, China. ©2002, Ted Anthony.
The chicken breast that started it all. ©1998, Ted Anthony.
Leftover cowboy ribeye on the bone in Manhattan. ©1999, Ted Anthony.
Grilled hamburger on Long Island. ©2000, Ted Anthony.
The British ambassador’s chef cooks for her in Beijing. ©2003, Ted Anthony.
The “Sichuan Sequence”: In a Beijing restaurant on a sunny afternoon. Photos and collage ©2002, Ted Anthony.
Collage and photos ©2015, Ted Anthony.
Spaghetti on Christmas Eve, Pittsburgh. ©2008, Ted Anthony.
Thai takeout leftovers on a hotel-room floor, New York, NY. ©2013, Ted Anthony.
Boneless pork ribs and couscous, Montclair, NJ. ©2007, Ted Anthony.
Passing the torch to the next generation, Chiangmai, Thailand,. ©2014, Ted Anthony.
Caught munching on FaceTime from 10,000 miles away. ©2014, Ted Anthony.
Buying food at a night-market stall outside Bangkok. Filtered with Snapseed and Phototoaster. ©2014, Ted Anthony.

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