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Our favorite stories from a decade of logging on

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4 min readDec 18, 2019


Illustration: Jesse Zhang

InIn the 2010s, the internet grew up — and we grew up with it. Facebook was a fun place to swap photos, until it became a threat to global democracy. Instagram trained us in the fine art of duck face. Vine came and went, leaving a trail of front-facing videos in its wake. Swiping was fun, then depressing, then… the only way not to die alone?

Medium launched in 2012 and Human Parts was founded one year later, so, to mark the end of this decade in tabs, we’re taking you back into our archives with stories that range from the inspiring to the cringeworthy. Like the internet itself, this collection of stories is somewhat random, nostalgia-inducing, and a little rough around the edges. It blurs the lines of where we’ve been, and where we’re going. Without further ado, we invite you to open up a new tab (or 30) and take a spin on the Internet Time Machine.

Here’s what (and who) you’ll find…

How I Got Kicked Out of a Facebook Group for Reverse Racism by Ruth Terry

Apparently, there are still some things you can’t say in a mixed-race Facebook space

Lifestyles of the Fake and Lonely by Harris Sockel

The truth about pretending to be someone else on the internet

Why I Deleted All My Social Media Accounts by Felicia C. Sullivan

Sometimes, there’s an upside to a public meltdown

Social Media Is Like the Weirdest House Party Ever by Snippets

If Facebook is a club, Twitter is a dive bar

I Am a Meme Now — and So Are You by Timothy Kreider

Maybe wisdom is accepting that you don’t get to decide who you are

Moms Anonymous by Summer Block

Learning to love 25,000 strangers in a virtual birth club

My (Mutual) Breakup With Online Dating by Emily J. Smith



Human Parts
Human Parts

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