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When Banned Books Unlocked the Secrets of My Universe

Shelf with LGBTQ awareness books at the public library. Photo by Christina Vartanova from Shutterstock.
Shelf with LGBTQ awareness books at the public library. Photo: Christina Vartanova/Shutterstock.

This is a personal piece I wrote for one of my graduate school courses around my literary autobiography. I have been rereading it out loud and multiple times for the last couple of weeks. It hits me even harder as the wave of book bans and educational gag orders are increasing over the past month. As a teacher, I cannot fathom having to withhold




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Andre Zarate

Andre Zarate

🏳️‍🌈🇵🇭GayAF educator on a journey to come back home to myself. Doctoral Student. Tennis Enthusiast. Reader. I love to dream and imagine on the daily.

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