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Human Parts

Nov 2, 2020

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Your election day survival kit

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If 2020 hasn’t taught us this lesson already, we’re about to learn it: Humans have a hard time dealing with uncertainty. It evokes fear. Anxiety. An obsession with hitting “refresh” on [insert your rabbithole of choice] until the world makes even less sense than it did before.

But uncertainty also presents an opportunity. When the future is unknown, we can shape it. When worries compete for attention inside our heads, we can listen to them — or politely decline to take their calls. Most importantly, when the world feels out of control, we can control the only thing we ever could: ourselves. Here are our favorite stories about staying calm, communicating with people who disagree with you, and caring for yourself. Read them if you need to. And please vote.

Will Leitch reminds us that “in the span of eternal history, this is but a blip.”

Cathy B. Glenn, Ph.D. lists 20 lesser-known self-care practices.

Brian Merchant gathers the best speculative fiction OneZero published this year — including stories about robot revolutions and parallel universes.

Mollie Birney, M.A. teaches us what “sitting with your feelings” actually means.

Don Johnson explains how to engage with someone who disagrees with you.

In Forge, Cari Nazeer gathers 20 short and timely tips for accepting ambiguity.