Human Parts
A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.


Photo: Patrick Tomasso / Unsplash

What is a book?

I’ve been asking friends and colleagues this question for months. My second book proposal was turned down earlier in the year with a near-universal refrain of “we can’t figure out how to market it,” and afterward, I took a serious look at the pinnacle of achievement…

Christl dancing outside our duplex, circa 1981, with the ’68 Dart in the background. Photo: Gerald Grow

By 1981, our son was ready to go to preschool to be with friends, and Christl was ready for a job that would allow her to get out of the house and be around adults.

Christl was so smart and disciplined that she could do almost anything. But in her…


A line art face illustration with a colorful abstract background
Illustration: Jennifer Kosig/Getty Images

My name is Casey Lawrence, and I am a writer with aphantasia.

From the prefix a- meaning “without,” and the Greek root word phantasia, meaning “imagination,” aphantasia describes people who lack the ability to produce mental images. When I close my eyes, I see static — not pictures. Until I…

This Is Us

photo from Ben Davis’s page

If you Google me, my name auto-fills with ‘pants’. The first thing people want to know is whether I fit like ‘Dickies.’ I have an uncle named Dickie so there is a small chance this is a misguided fan with deep knowledge of my family and poor grammar. …

Great horned owl specimen in a museum
Photo by Jeff Meigs on Unsplash

In retrospect, renting a taxidermied great horned owl for my kids was an obvious attempt to compensate for something.

Actually, it was an attempt to compensate for many things. First among them, of course, was Covid. By that point, October 2020, the kids had been cooped up with only their…


Lily King (© Eloise King-Clements)

When Lily King’s novel Writers and Lovers was published in March 2020 — a coming of age tale about a woman starting her writing career in Cambridge, MA — the book quickly earned a following for its earnest depiction of the struggles and realities of a writing life, quickly becoming…

Human Parts

A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.

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