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Lived Through This

It took healthy love to appreciate the abuse I had excused

“Just a heads up, I might write about our relationship,” I recently said to my boyfriend. “But I promise I won’t do it without your permission.”

“Consent,” he said.


“Without my consent,” he repeated. “You don’t need my permission to do anything.”

“Oh. Right,” I said, laughing a little…

Growing up in strict purity culture screwed up my sex life

Back in the mid-1990s, purity culture infiltrated practically every Christian circle. It was an entire movement. Evangelical teens signed pledges that we wouldn’t have sex until marriage. There were songs, conferences, and devotionals all about how “true love waits.” Some churches even held daddy-daughter dances where the fathers vowed to…

My journey to healing from trauma through C. S. Lewis and lots of bad sex

I am a stray. I started as an animal bred for fighting, but escaping that just means you are a gaunt thing, most comfortable alone, in the dark, teeth bared at anything that might come at you. First, you just survive like that, no matter the price. Then, if you…

Surviving domestic violence is one thing, recovering is something else entirely

I don’t even remember what the fight was about.

I do remember the yelling and the insults and the sound, after he had stormed off into the kitchen, the sound of metal on tile, of glass breaking, and the sound that made everything else go silent.

I ran into the…

Trust Issues

After two abusive relationships, finally trusting my inner voice helped me get back up — and stay there

The first time he punched me, there was no warning.

For a split second, I didn’t understand what had happened. As we walked back into our flat, he was behind me, so I hadn’t seen the fist that came flying at the side of my head. I cannoned forward, hitting…

Reporting my brother to Child Protective Services was the first step in ending a decades-long cycle

Content Warning: Graphic depictions of sexual and physical abuse.

1. A Deathbed Confession, 1997

Mom unburdens herself only weeks before she dies. She tells me about Mike’s* abuse against his children. Her revelations confirm what I’ve known since childhood: My brother Mike is dangerous. Mom tells me about the inexplicable holes in walls throughout Mike’s…

Human Parts

A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.

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