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Sustaining white antiracism requires real cross-racial connection and relationship

Don’t worry. This will not be yet another essay lamenting the sometimes performative nature of white antiracist activism since the killing of George Floyd. First, we already have enough of those, most of which amount to the woke-scolding of racial justice newcomers by those who think making folks feel shitty…

This Is Us

On political discourse, abolition, performative activism, and real love

Monochrome image of activists raising fists as they protest.

I have a physical response to the word “divisive.” This twisting sensation in my gut that comes up my throat all acidic. It’s shockingly similar to the feeling one might get after eating too much cheese. Apparently, my stomach has an issue processing both dairy and mistruths. …

Humans 101

There are many ways to be an activist, and none of them are all-or-nothing

Two activists walking down a hallway covered with signs.

I’m the kind of person who will occasionally call themselves an activist, then immediately cringe at myself for having the gall to claim that word.

I’m not a good enough activist to be an “activist.” I don’t have the consistency, the self-sacrificing instinct, the almost religious fervor some have for…

An illustration of a man looking at his reflection in glass that has been shattered by a lily.

This Is Us

Actor and activist Matt McGorry shares how he lost himself to diet culture — and what it took to come home

CW: disordered eating and exercise

I’ve gained quite a bit of weight. I mean, I’ve really let go. And as a result, my health has been impacted. I have a healthier relationship with my body than ever before. I’ve let go of internalized fatphobia, and all correlating notions that I…

We fought different battles, 25 years apart, but the harassment we received is similar

In 1995, the French government commenced testing nuclear weapons in the French Pacific.

Those of us who were teenagers in Australia during this period grew up in an in-between time, politically. …

Human Parts

A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.

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