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Human Parts
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African Diaspora

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Past Is Prologue

I don’t share a history of enslavement with Black Americans — but what we do share transcends oceans and generations

Colorful portrait photo of the author.
Colorful portrait photo of the author.

“Story, story, time, time.” The echoes of my childhood reverberate in my mind, reminding me of when I would sit with my African Giant of an aunt as she retold Urhobo folklore to wide-eyed Black children in 1990s Britain. It was different from what we were used to in our south-east London classes. We sat with our legs crossed on the carpet, poised and ready to journey to story-land, but to our surprise, our beloved aunt-teacher was not reading from a book: instead, she reiterated stories passed down many generations from the connected consciousness.

Soon we were transported to a…

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