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Human Parts
A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.

Asian American

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How one novelist reconnected with the ancestors she never met

This Is Us

On anti-Asian hate, allyship, and protecting our moms and dads

Photo: Flickr/mrhayata

Like many thoughtful humans, I’ve been overcome with rage as I witness story after story of Asian American elders being pushed, kicked, and slammed into the ground just because they had the audacity to walk to church. But as an Asian American immigrant, I also felt something more.

Bizarrely, even though I would never engage in such hateful violence, I found myself feeling responsible.

I know I share this feeling with other immigrant children who have carried the burden of holding our parents up when they have been dismissed in their new country as being stupid, greedy, and unworthy. …

And other adventures in internalized racism

Yeah I wore it ONE TIME. To Wigstock at the end of high school. Doesn’t count.

“It will make you feel like success! You can be anyone you want in America. So why not have blonde hair and blue eyes?”

My mom’s big idea was that I should go to my first day of high school wearing a blonde wig and blue contact lenses.

“Why not? It will be a change! Fantastic! I will buy them for you! We can get matching it will be fun!”

So many exclamation points! So much fun! Gesturing at me with a People magazine with Pam Anderson on the cover! I was 14; and even then I knew that this…

The dirty little secret of my New American family

That’s her on the left. She loved sunglasses. And me. And whiteness. All photos taken/owned by the author.

Both sides of my family, the white one but especially the Southeast Asian one, are going to freak when they see that title. However, since my mom went to the great Gucci outlet in the sky a few years ago, there is no one here to throw a massage sandal at my head and verbally assault me for an hour in response. And my dad barely does email, let alone read blogs, so let’s continue.

The title of my story is the great unspoken truth for many of us North Americans “of color.” I have heard my mom say, “Send…

And I’m so glad I did

Hi, I’m Jess. I am Miss San Francisco Chinatown 2019. Here I am, being crowned by Miss San Francisco Chinatown 2018 Maggie Huang. Photo credit: Alvin Tang

I will never forget the moment Jack pushed me on stage. The push was sudden but sure, his hand firm and on the square of my back, the force just enough that I took one step forward. His message as stage manager was clear.


Of course, I knew I was up next, but I was still jolted nonetheless. We didn’t exchange words. I didn’t turn to look at him.

The next thing I knew, I had padded out in the dark to my starting position in the middle of the stage. The ends of my Chinese dance ribbons were…

Human Parts

A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.

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