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Humans 101

Our culture’s fear of laziness is destroying us

Black and white photo of a cat resting on a ledge.
Black and white photo of a cat resting on a ledge.

I’m a social psychologist, clinical assistant professor, and the author of the book Laziness Does Not Exist. My book is all about how our culture’s fear of laziness leads to overwork, exploitation, and alienation. In it, I also discuss how each of us can unlearn our hatred of laziness and build more authentic, socially connected lives. For anyone who doesn’t have the energy — or time — to read a full book about how busy and overworked we all are right now, here are five key insights from my book you can read in a single sitting:

1. The laziness lie

The “laziness lie”…

Humans 101

And how I’m trying to make space for ‘real talk’ to happen

Yesterday, I happened upon a thought-provoking Twitter thread from web developer Marco Rogers, about the ways in which white people are conditioned to avoid difficult conversations. Marco said, “Did ya’ll know that a lot of white people don’t have the cultural concept of ‘real talk’? You know where you stop saying the diplomatic thing and tell people what’s really going on. They just don’t have it. You try to have a moment of ‘real talk’ and they freak the fuck out.”

In the conversation that followed Marco’s tweet, many people of color shared how they have attempted to initiate candid…

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