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The Sisyphean Task of Drawing Sisyphus

Or, how to draw comics, again


Friend Ships

A comic about the weird strain that Covid-19 and lockdown…

This Is Us

I Want People to Like Me

And I’ve got a plan to make it happen

Text: When I moved with my partner across the country because they had been offered a postdoc, we met someone shortly after we arrived who said something that bothered me. [A person at a small cafe table with a meal on it, waving his hand in the air. A speech bubble coming from his mouth says, “Oh, so you’re the trailing spouse!”]

This Is Us

The Tale of the Trailing Spouse

Exploring the harmful trope of the…

This Is Us

What Being a Buffy Fan Meant to Me

Thoughts on Joss Whedon, abuse, and…

This Is Us

Sometimes You Feel Every Human Emotion at Once

What I learned tracking my…