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Human Parts
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Coming Of Age

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Lived Through This

Just down the road from where I grew up, they trained to kill Osama Bin Laden

A sign on a wire fence that says “DANGER KEEP OUT.”
A sign on a wire fence that says “DANGER KEEP OUT.”

On the ambling coast of northeastern North Carolina lies an innocuous little town of 2.7 square miles and some 2,000 residents. Lore would have it that “Carolina Moon” was penned for its pleasantness, that lyricist Benny Davis even sat on its signature S-bridge as the melody came to him in half-notes and harmonies. On its outer bands lies a large retirement community of Yankees and old-timers, comforted by the serenity Connie Francis sang of. …

He scared me, but only emotionally

Toward the end of my sophomore year of college, a married man twice my age asked me to lie down with him. I didn’t want to — he made me nervous. But I also felt excited, which is why I’d gone to his apartment in the first place.

It was late May, and the day was sluggish and hot. His wife was up in the country, as she usually was. He was on the bed and I sat on the one chair in his Upper West Side studio, drinking a can of Coke and swinging my foot.

For months, we’d…

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