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Human Parts
A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.


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Not Another First Time Story

I was poor and couldn’t pay rent, so I started selling weed

When I was in college, everyone really liked Weeds. It had just come out and it was kind of groundbreaking — a suburban widow, complete with perfectly imperfect hair and a seemingly endless closet full of Going Out tops, driving a Range Rover and selling pot.

Whenever someone in class…

The Lebanese Civil War ended when I was a kid, but the pain lasted far longer

I can still vividly recall the look on my high school history teacher’s face when I raised my hand and asked why the Lebanese history books stopped at 1975. …

They taught me an important lesson: I am my own dance party. I am my own drug.

It all started when my best friend, who I’ll call Bill, began dating this charming fellow, who I’ll call Rodrigo.

Rodrigo came across like sentient FOMO, a man-beast who exuded fun, sex, and childlike excitement about where the night could take us — which was scary, but intriguing. …

It’s time to revise our puritanical, all-or-nothing approach to substances

A psychiatrist was once so surprised to learn that I was a regular recreational drug user and yet seemed high-functioning and successful (these terms being relative to the literary world — not necessarily meaning “able to pay rent”) that he asked to make me a case study for his group…

“Fuck you,” he said rising his Colt to my chest.

That’s it, I thought. This is where I end.

The gun was intensely black, its barrel only a few inches from me. This is what it feels like, I thought. I wondered if the bullet would cut across my body…

Every few weeks, we post an open thread with a brief writing prompt. Here are some highlights from this week’s thread, on drugs that are not drugs.

I don’t think I loved him, but if I had to base my feelings for him solely off my addiction to…

In 200 words or less, tell us about a place, time, or object that has a drug-like effect on you, though it is not actually a drug. Maybe it’s legal, maybe it’s not. Is this a not-drug your parents would approve of? Do you take this drug often? Once a week, once a minute? Maybe you’re not addicted, but you could be — easily.

Everyone’s got their drug. Even if no one else would recognize it as such.

Share your not-drug as a response below. We’ll use them to post a compilation of non-drugs Human Parts.

by Annie Correal

It was three in the morning. The streets were quiet. The radio was off. The only sound was the heater, blowing dry air into the cab.

“What are you doing back there, reading your e-mails?”

I looked up from my phone at the driver. He was wearing…

After our performance art class, Linda and I went to a bar in Chinatown that is known for serving +100 types of beer. Seated at the corner booth beside us were a man and woman having an extremely audible, dramatic conversation about the contents of the guy’s phone, and their…

Human Parts

A publication from Medium about humanity: yours, mine, and ours.

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