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Lived Through This

A tornado decimated our town. Now, we’re fighting a pandemic.

A photo of a gray sky in Nashville.
A photo of a gray sky in Nashville.

Imagine for a second that you wake up one morning and your neighborhood has been destroyed. Houses flattened, trees vanished. The bars are gone or at least shuttered, as are the restaurants; your chiropractor and your yoga studio and the fancy wine shop and the pizza place and the hardware store and the plant shop and the liquor store and the rock clubs and the pet food store and the art supply store and the tea house are, too.

You can’t get to the dog park because the roads are blocked with fallen limbs and telephone poles, and the streets…

We fought different battles, 25 years apart, but the harassment we received is similar

In 1995, the French government commenced testing nuclear weapons in the French Pacific.

Those of us who were teenagers in Australia during this period grew up in an in-between time, politically. Sure, there were things happening in foreign countries — I vaguely registered hearing a lot about a place called “Chechnya” — but it felt like the developed world was stable.

In the naivety of youth, we believed life would always be this stable.

So when the newly elected French President declared that the country would be testing nuclear weapons in the Pacific, it felt… wrong. And totally unnecessary. Protests…

Tips for rethinking our relationship to food in the age of climate crisis

Thinking about climate breakdown and the environment is bleak. Until my husband started working on a project about climate crisis, I did my best to avoid the topic. After all, I’d long associated living “waste-free” with a haunting episode of Extreme Cheapskates in which a New York City accountant rummaged around in trash cans outside of supermarkets for her dinner and used a sliver of soap to wipe her ass so she didn’t have to pay for toilet paper. The term “eco-warrior” conjured the unwelcome ghost of the guy we all date in our twenties, who works in a health…

I don’t want to tell my kids what to eat — but maybe I should tell them why I’m vegetarian

My daughter and her best friend are in the kitchen rummaging through the cabinets. They find what they’re looking for: gummy bears.

“Those might be old,” I say.

We don’t care.

“Fine, but before you eat them I want you to watch this video.”

I’ve been meaning to show my daughter this video, but the timing never seemed right. When is it ever a good time to get stung in the eye? (“Now that everyone’s finished eating pie, can someone bring in the bee?”) I retrieve my phone and pull up the clip. Midway through, my daughter buries her head…

What if we accept that we’ll never solve climate change?


I grew up on the lip of a crater. Sudbury is a mining city, but it is at the same time a place of rugged beauty. It is a place where the Canadian shield reveals itself, protruding to the surface like a leviathan’s rocky spine, cold and prehistoric.

Ten million years ago, one of the largest meteors ever to strike Earth made contact here. It thrust veins of underground ore to the surface, and only very recently — in the last 150 years — have humans tapped these veins. …

Hazy reflections of a Los Angeles native

At 17, I watched my childhood home burn.

That’s not true. I didn’t even get the morbid satisfaction of watching the flames dance and lick the barn-red wooden walls of our 1952 ranch-style house—with its asymmetric facade, brick fireplace, oak bar, and sliding glass doors out to the backyard pool. And I can’t say my childhood extinguished before my very eyes.

I arrived after the fact.

I was in second period econ when my teacher received a phone call for my rare summons to the principal’s office. And it was she who personally drove me to my house that was…

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