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Why Writing Matters, Even in a Pandemic

We won’t forget all the…

Lived Through This

Why ‘Passionate’ Relationships Are Often Just Toxic Relationships

It took healthy love to appreciate the abuse I had excused

Past Is Prologue

Welcome Back, Codependency

The term went mainstream in the ’80s and ’90s, and it’s carried a stigma ever since

This Is Us

To Renew Your Friendships, Be Radically Transparent

When I revealed deeply personal details of my life in my memoir, my friendships changed in ways I never expected

Bar soap.

This Is Us

Bar Soap: A Love Story

To all the suds I’ve loved before

Quirky photo symbolizing writer’s block. Person sitting at typewriter with a bunch of crumpled paper.

Express Yourself

The Limiting Belief Behind the Worst Kind of Writer’s Block

This Is Us

An Ode to Murphy, or How I Finally Learned to Meditate

Maybe we’re all a bit…