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This Is Us

When Baby Arrives

On the twee language of pregnancy and motherhood

Closeup shot of an person holding a sonogram in front of their pregnant belly.

Express Yourself

The English Language Needs an Update

Redundant letters and…

Past Is Prologue

Why Italians Use Dozens of Words for Simple Instructions

Middle finger up in the middle of a field.

This Is Us

In My Fifties, I’m Finally Learning to Say ‘F*ck You’

How midlife loosened…

#@?! in block letters against a yellow background.

Express Yourself

We Can Abolish Language Policing

Words can inspire reflection and…

“What is a blaccent?” in a search bar.

Express Yourself

For Black Girls Whose Voices Are ‘Too White’ or ‘Too Black’

Express Yourself

10 Fascinating Words About Words

You’ve probably used examples of all of them

Closeup of glasses on a page scribbled with words.

Express Yourself

The Secret Life of Words

Etymology reveals why the word ‘literally’ is…