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I Try To Write About Sex Honestly

The challenge and joy of writing…


I Wrote a Book About Sex After Marriage From My Daughter’s Bedroom

Black and white image of a dried rose.

This Is Us

Stop Worrying About Virginity

Rigid definitions of sex distracted me from…

Humans 101

BDSM for the Curious but Terrified

There’s a reason we call it ‘play’: you…

A grainy low-res photo of a woman with her eyes closed, seemingly resting her head on a pillow.

Humans 101

The Elements of Desire

How to keep the eroticism in a relationship

A photo of a woman’s calves lying on a bed.

This Is Us

I’m a Muslim Woman, and I Love to Orgasm

I believe God designed us to…

A photo of fireworks against a red night sky.

This Is Us

How to Devour a Lover

You looked at me with hunger in your eyes, and I…