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Human Parts
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The winter solstice marks the beginning of our journey back to light

Photo: Ales Krivec/Unsplash

Photo: Melinda Podor/Getty Images

If I only had two words

Lessons from inside a coffin

Photos courtesy of the author

Praise Her

Connect with Lalita’s shakti to create bliss in your life

Illustration: Neethi

For stay-at-home parents, the first day of school opens up a world of opportunities, challenges, and questions

Photo: CLM Images/Moment/Getty Images

Scary Tarot

The Ten of Swords shows up when it’s time to reclaim our agency

Photo: Esin Deniz/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Praise Her

Overcome destructive patterns with the help of White Tara

Illustration: Cat Finnie

Breathing in the world’s suffering helped me deal with sickness and death

Photo: Westend61/Getty Images

Praise Her

Call forth Oshun’s energy for self-love and abundance

Illustration: Geneva Bowers

Planet Soul

The more I listen to my ghostly impulses, the more sensible my decisions become

Photo: himarkley/Getty Images

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