Top Stories published by Human Parts in February of 2020

Lived Through This

There’s Really No Easy Way to Say ‘I Was Stabbed’

This Is Us

A Love That Cancer Can’t Kill

Watching my wife die has taught us all how to…

Humans 101

You Cannot Heal Your Way Out of Being Human

And you were never meant to

This Is Us

My Shame-Free, Sexless Relationship

My husband and I are sexually…

A photo of a woman with light shining from her eyes and mouth. The image is a dark blue/black shade.

Planet Soul

The Art of Conscious Sex

How to use sex as a spiritual practice

Planet Soul

An Energy Healer Revealed My Mom’s Darkest Secrets

I thought she was way…

A photo of a peach against a cyan background.

Humans 101

Your Questions About Butt Aesthetics, Answered

Everything you always wanted…

The Draft

How to Write a Sentence

Be specific. Be human. Make every word count.

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