Top Stories published by Human Parts in 2020

This Is Us

Reflections From a Token Black Friend

On structural racism, implicit bias…

This Is Us

Want to Feel Loved? Get Cancer.

You don’t know what demons other people are…

Lived Through This

There’s Really No Easy Way to Say ‘I Was Stabbed’

Lived Through This

He Thought We’d Be ‘Better Off’

Two years ago, my husband of 18…

An illustration of a man looking at his reflection in glass that has been shattered by a lily.

This Is Us

My Journey Toward Radical Body Positivity

Actor and activist Matt McGorry…

Lived Through This

Confessions of an Obsolete Child Actor

Being cast in ‘School of…

This Is Us

On the Morning of My Wife’s Death, I Read Her This Tribute

Past Is Prologue

How African Spirituality Got Tied to Satan

From white colonizers to…

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