Top Stories published by Human Parts in June of 2020

This Is Us

Reflections From a Token Black Friend

On structural racism, implicit bias…

Past Is Prologue

How African Spirituality Got Tied to Satan

From white colonizers to…

A photo of the author wearing a face mask.

This Is Us

Why Wearing Masks Makes Some of My Customers So Uncomfortable

Lived Through This

Learning to Get Comfortable Talking About My Shit

On Crohn’s disease, desirability, and internalized disableism

This Is Us

The Burden of (Finally) Being Seen

We’re tired, we’re fighting for our…

Blue-colored illustration of a person looking out froma prison cell.

This Is Us

What My Father Did to Me

The truth of your life is always there — and the…

A painting of Jesus resurrected. This Jesus looks clearly white.

Past Is Prologue

Why White Jesus Must Go

The image is not only inaccurate — it’s harmful

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