Top Stories published by Human Parts in May of 2020

An illustration of a man looking at his reflection in glass that has been shattered by a lily.

This Is Us

My Journey Toward Radical Body Positivity

Actor and activist Matt McGorry…

A photo of smaller dinosaur figurines in front of a T-rex figurine.

Lived Through This

Finding My Fighting Words: How I Learned to Have Uncomfortable Conversations

This Is Us

As a Black Man in America, I Am Done Running

The way white people see me is…

A washed out grainy image of a person touching a light switch.

Lived Through This

Why I Chose to Have a Pimp

I do not enjoy my job, but I’m thankful…

This Is Us

Weight Loss Surgery and the Unbearable Thinness of Being

I learned the quiet heartbreak of losing someone who truly understood what it meant to live in a body like mine

A black and white closeup photo of a mom holding her newborn baby.

Lived Through This

My Daughter Was Born While I Was in Prison

This baby not only…

A photo of a red door in an empty room with bright yellow walls.

Mind Games

When We Went Inside

An agoraphobe’s advice on how to go out again

A photo of the author’s wife hugging their new puppy.

This Is Us

A Sad Story About a Good Dog, Adopted in a Pandemic

My wife and I adopted a…

Humans 101

You Have Been Trained to Override Your Instincts

Here’s how to reconnect

A black and white photo of two ghostly girls sitting on an antique couch with a creepy doll next to them.

This Is Us

Mommy Issues: Unlearning Inherited Pain

I come from a long line of mothers…

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