Top Stories published by Human Parts in April of 2020

Lived Through This

A Wedding-Shaming Facebook Page Hated on My Dress

A watercolor abstract illustration of a man swimming through multicolored clouds/space.

Planet Soul

I’ve Been Meditating for 48 Years

I’ve learned an incredible amount about…

A black and white photo of a woman drinking a cup of coffee by a window in her home.

This Is Us

On Coffee and Men

You can learn a lot about someone by the way they bring…

A photo of the author’s wife in front of a wall painting of wings.

This Is Us

I Wish We All Lived Like We Had Cancer

Because with cancer, you learn to…

Photo of a man with his eyes covered by flowers.

This Is Us

What Hiding My Autism Costs Me

It’s painful and exhausting to ‘mask’ Autism…

Humans 101

How To Stop Overcorrecting Your Life

Sometimes, good intentions go too far.

This Is Us

‘You Can’t Kill a Legend’: My Mother’s Battle With Covid-19

A multiple exposure photo of a woman’s face that appears to be shattered.

Humans 101

Empathy Is Overrated

Our actions matter more than how we feel

A promo still from Tiger King showing Joe Exotic with a tiger.

Lived Through This

The ‘Tiger King’ Informant Was My Coworker at Petco

A blue-tinted photo of a shattered mirror.

This Is Us

The Quiet Prejudice of ‘You Are Not Fat, You Have Fat’

This popular phrase…

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