Top Stories published by Human Parts in March of 2020

Lived Through This

Confessions of an Obsolete Child Actor

Being cast in ‘School of…

This Is Us

On the Morning of My Wife’s Death, I Read Her This Tribute

This Is Us

Special Needs Parenting in the Age of Pandemic

This moment is hard for…

A photo of wooden pews in a courthouse.

Lived Through This

I Helped Free a Man From Life Without Parole. Then He Turned on Me.

A photo of a woman’s calves lying on a bed.

This Is Us

I’m a Muslim Woman, and I Love to Orgasm

I believe God designed us to…

A black and white photo of a light bulb in a cell.

Lived Through This

What 4 Years in Solitary Confinement Taught Me About Surviving Isolation

A photo of five sculpture-like human faces.

Humans 101

7 Ways to Uproot Your Anti-Fat Bias

Bias against fat people is on the rise —…

Lived Through This

Life as a Coronavirus Patient

Our healthcare system is nowhere near…

A photo of a gray sky in Nashville.

Lived Through This

From Nashville, With Love

A tornado decimated our town. Now, we’re…

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