Top Stories published by Human Parts in July of 2020

This Is Us

The Eroticism of Brutality

On Mary Trump’s ‘Too Much and Never Enough: How…

Creative picture with zoom technique of illuminated hearts creating tunnel effect with light trails.

This Is Us

The Perils of Dating in Middle Age

Apps, adult braces, and a strong

This Is Us

Yes, Black People Can Be Racist

None of us are immune

Illustration of a Black person rolling white paint onto an otherwise solid-pink floor, and casting a long, dark shadow.

Past Is Prologue

School as We Knew It Is Over. What Comes Next?

Even before the pandemic, schools weren’t really doing their job

Humans 101

How to Ask for the Things You Need

Let’s talk about the ‘Never-Asker’

A woman wearing a red head wrap looks at the camera.

Past Is Prologue

Why I’m No Longer Talking to Muslim Men About Equality

Express Yourself

Just Say Fat

Please, let fat people describe our own bodies

Illustration of a really buff blue-skinned athletic person against a black background with red squiggles.

Lived Through This

Contemplating My Bisexuality While Gettin’ Swole

My internal…

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