Top Stories published by Human Parts in August of 2020

Double exposure of a couple standing on staircase against railing.

This Is Us

I Want a Partner Who Expands My World, Not Fits Into It

But according to the

Past Is Prologue

More Than Dixie

Working-class white people in the South have better…

Multiple exposure photo of a couple hanging out in a hotel room.

Humans 101

How to Embrace Uncertainty in Dating and Relationships

Why you want to…

Planet Soul

The Spiritual World Must Face Its Shadow

If we don’t, we won’t create a…

More To That

The Ultimate Guide to Visual Storytelling

A step-by-step playbook for the…

Express Yourself

10 Fascinating Words About Words

You’ve probably used examples of all of them

Lived Through This

What No One Tells You About Male Infertility

My wife and I spent…

Photo dated to 7/15/2020 of a window with slightly light pink sky.

This Is Us

The Price of Male Shame

My own feelings paled in comparison to the men in my…

This Is Us

What the ‘Better Life’ Narrative Takes From Adoptees

Every adoption story is…

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