Top Stories published by Human Parts in September of 2020

Lived Through This

He Thought We’d Be ‘Better Off’

Two years ago, my husband of 18…

Double exposure of a sad woman as a woman’s silhouette passes by.

This Is Us

I Lost My Best Friend of Two Decades To Trump

The heart is cruel above all…

Humans 101

How ‘Verbal Aikido’ Can Help You Avoid Stupid Arguments

The everyday martial art of talking to someone who disagrees with you

A marble statue of a thin woman looking off to the side, angrily and mistrustfully. The statue stands in front of lush ferns.

Humans 101

What You Call Internalized Fatphobia Might Be Internalized Dominance

This Is Us

I’m 36 and Just Learned I’m Autistic

After a childhood (and adulthood) spent…

Sad girl lying down on bed as sunlight wafts in.

This Is Us

Quarantine Has Forced Me to Confront How Little I Care About Myself

More To That

Reality Is Never Strange. We Are.

Our expectations of the world are truly…

Dark photo of a young girl on a smartphone.

This Is Us

Middle Schoolers Are More Suicidal Than Ever. Is Too Much Privacy to Blame?

Lived Through This

What I Learned From Living a Year in Airbnbs

First lesson: A house…

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