Top Stories published by Human Parts in October of 2020

Left image is Donald Trump obscured by low lighting, right image is a black and white illustration of a praying Black woman.

Past Is Prologue

How We’ll Get Over: Going to the Upper Room With Donald J. Trump

Sunset with two champagne glasses.

This Is Us

The Risks of Taking My Quarantine Romance from DM to IRL

A person looking at a cloudy sky, sitting in a circular window that’s almost 10 times taller than them.

Humans 101

What Your Therapist Means When They Ask You to ‘Sit With Your Feelings’

Handgun on wooden table with 7 bullets.

This Is Us

I Bought a Gun Because I’m Terrified of What Will Happen After Election Day

Couple kissing behind bouquet of flowers.

Humans 101

Your Definition of Love Determines How You Experience It

Black and white photo of a mother smiling at her young baby.

Lived Through This

Why I Hate Abortion but Believe in the Right to Choose

Humans 101

How to Deal With Difficult People Without Losing Your Mind

Don’t wrestle with pigs and don’t die on every hill

Illustration of two hands over a crystal ball with emoticons inside.

Humans 101

What Your Most Frequently Used Emoji Says About You

Your (over)use of a…

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